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22 July to 18 Aug : Up to 10 pax (crew must be masked) in *MacPherson Studio*. Click HERE for other prevailing safe management matters.

*Safe Measurements in MacPherson Studio.*

*22 July – 18 Aug 2021 – Phase 2 (Heighten Alert) * (Updated 30 July 2021)

1.  Studio bookers are to appoint a Safe Management Officer to be responsible for safe measurement measures compliance.

Pls inform everyone to fill in the form before arrival so that we can have faster temp check in.


2 . Talents / Subjects may only unmask during a shot, and must promptly put the mask back on in between and after the shot.

3. Max 10 including crew, but not sit/stand in close proximity with each other.

4. Make up artists must be a registered business entity (ACRA) and wear masks with face shields.

5.  Having meals in groups in the lounge is not allowed. Pls take your meals one at a time.

6. Temperature taking will be made compulsory. Those unwell and/or having a fever will not be allowed entry.

7. Only authorised personnel as per call sheet allowed at the location.

8. To avoid cross-infection between different groups, you will be requested to wait outside the studio while waiting for others from a different booking slot to leave.

9. Please refer to the link below for detailed information and compliance.


We seeking your cooperation on the guidelines outlined above. Thank you for choosing Macpherson Studio and we look forward to having you with us.

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