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Singapore 409959

ACRA No : 53372483W


Quotation Number MSQ533724830010
Quotation Date March 19, 2020
Valid Until April 18, 2020
Total $2,320.00
PPIS C/O Nurulhusnina Azhar

Blk 1 Eunos Crescent #01-2509 Singapore 400001

  • Objective: To feature the strong and inspiring Board Members of PPIS in 2018-20. The pictures will be used for PPIS Annual Report this year.
  • 2 x half-day shoots (on different dates - Saturdays, 4 April and 18 April 2020)
  • Time: 9am – 1pm
  • Location: Photography studio (It'd be great if the studio can allow external catering for refreshments).
  • Models: 13 Muslim women (More details will be given later).
  • Theme: Inspiring women, togetherness (We are open to receiving suggestions on the creative direction).
  • Types of shots: Group portrait (for each shoot) + big group portrait (composite of the two group portraits that were taken from each shoot)
  • Other details to include:
  • Production fee: Photography, crew and equipment.
  • Post-production fee: Printing, digital imaging and the no. of retouching.
  • Can you give us a separate cost estimate for 13 individual portraits as well?
  • Usage or media loading fee as well as licensing fee, if any.
  • We will be using them for print, digital and online media use.
  • Territory: Worldwide
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
5 Studio Rental (Session 1)

Studio Rental $50 per hour (per session)

5 Photography Services (Session 1)

Photographer and crew

5 Studio Rental (Session 2)

Studio Rental $50 per hour (per session)

5 Photography Services (Session 2)

Photographer and crew

13 Digital Retouching - cost estimate for 13 individual portraits.

Touch up of complexion, fly-away hair and colour correction for 13 models. Per image.

1 Digital Composites

A composite of 2 group photos into 1 image.

Sub Total $2,320.00
Tax $0.00
Total $2,320.00

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