14 Arumugam Road,
LTC Building C, #03-08,
Singapore 409959

ACRA No : 53372483W


Quotation Number MSQ533724830017
Quotation Date October 9, 2020
Valid Until November 8, 2020
Total $605.00
CFoot / Ms Lim

Commercial Photography Service for CFOOT Singapore.
Studio Photography, Model, Editing.
Half days is based on up to 2 items, 2 hours of studio time

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
2 Studio Photography Services

Up to 2 hours of photography service

2 Model Services

Up to 2 hours.

5 Editing of 5 images

Up to 30 images of basic touch up.Cropping, colour correction, general skin touch up such removal of temporary blemishes, pimples and stray hair

2 Studio rental

Weekday studio rental : $40 per hour x 2 hours.

1 Model Casting Agent Fee $50.00$50.00
Sub Total $605.00
Tax $0.00
Total $605.00

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