MacPherson Studio Rental

From: $80.00

Note:  Studio time is inclusive of setup, test shoot, makeup and wrap up time.


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  1. Select the Date of the Booking
  2. Select the Start Time (only) of your booking. The End Time will be appear based on the duration that is the studio is available
  3. Select the end time.
  4. The costs will appear.
  5. You will transferred to the summary page
  6. If all is correct, click on “Proceed To Checkout”
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  8. Once payment is successful, your booking is confirmed.
  9. Payment is non-refundable. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions policy for details.
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Please contact Mr Park at 98795173 for special arrangements. (Subject to resource availability)

1 .  If you wish to book the studio before opening time (9:00am) or extend studio time beyond closing time (10:00pm), or;

2.  If you wish to make a last minute booking (less than 1 day in advance).

3. If you are doing videography, the studio is not sound treated. Not suitable if you require high quality audio recording or total silence.

Remarks :

1. The triangle at the corner of some dates means some hours of the day have been booked but there are still some hours available.

2. Due to Covid-19, the studio can only allow 10 pax at any point of time. Other safety measures and contact tracing is in operations.


Additional Optional Studio Charges (Please Read)

  • Paper backdrop usage is chargeable at $10 per meter that is laid in the floor.
  • Additional strobe: $10.00 per strobe /per hour (5th strobe onwards)
  • Continuous light box, fresnel(hot) lights: $10.00 per piece / hour
  • Large group surcharge exceeding 10 pax: $2.00 per pax (11th person onwards)
  • Internet usage: $1.00 per hour
  • Electrical supply for personal use (charging of handphones etc): $2.00 per hour
  • Electrical supply for high drain electrical equipment exceeding 100 watts (fresnel, hot lights etc): $10.00 per hour
  • Drinks (Mineral / Packet): $1.00 per item
  • Cleaning Fee : $50 ( Chargeable if studio is not return in its original clean, ready state by end of booking time.)
  • Studio Assistant : $10 per hour (min 2 hours) – extra pair of hands to help photographer
  • Lighting Technician : $50 per hour (min 2 hours) – to help create lighting setup as required


Studio Equipment Listing (inclusive)

Here is a list of studio accessories that is available for use in our studio. These accessories are inclusive of the studio booking. We make all possible effort to make sure these accessories are in working  order when you arrive at MacPherson Studio.

Lighting Setup
  • 4x GODOX Strobes 600W each
    (4x Mounted on ceiling rail systems)
  • 2x Rectangular Large Softbox (120cm)
  • 2x Square Softbox (90cm)
  • 2x Strip Softbox (120cm)
  • 2x Barn doors
  • 1x Snoot
  • 2x Umbrella (Shoot through & white bounce)
  • Floor softbox (currently unavailable)
  • Large beauty dish with honeycomb and soft filter
  • Wireless radio triggers (Nikon & Canon)
  • Colour gels
Studio Specifications
  • Total area: 9m(W) x 7m(L)
  • Shooting area: 6.5m(W) x 5m(L)
  • 2 sided Cyclorama walls
  • Make up area
  • Changing room
  • Four high powered air-conditioners
  • High ceiling (4.3m)
  • Changing room
  • Make up area
Lighting Support & Others
  • 6x Heavy Duty Light Stands
  • 2x Heavy Duty C-Stands
  • Balanced Boom Stand
  • Reflectors – small, medium & large
  • 2x Scrims (1.2m by 2.3m) with various covers – black, white, silver, gold & translucent
  • Paper backdrop – 8 colours (please refer here for details)
  • Muslin backdrop – (please refer here for details)
  • Still life table (119cm by 51cm)
  • Studio hair fan / blower
Studio Props
  • Chairs (small to large)
  • Gray sofa (3 seater)
  • Black sofa (2 Seater)
  • 2 sets of  apple boxes
  • Music system
  • Heavy duty steamer
  • Clothing rack
  • Fan
  • Hair Dryer