PhotoStream SP 200

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PhotoStream SP 200

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PhotoStream SP 200
Travel 360?
Designed for enthusiast to pro photographers, the PhotoStream SP 200 is a lightweight and streamlined ?spinner? bag optimized for airline travel. Armored exterior and flexible interior provide secure, customizable storage while 4 wheels deliver 360? range of motion.
? Airline Carry-On Friendly Streamlined design delivers 8.8? depth giving you peace of mind regardless of your aircraft.
? Stay Connected Easily Molded EVA front panel hinges at the top allowing access to your laptop without opening the entire bag
? Roll With Ease Four-wheel design delivers wide range of movement, great for maneuvering around the obstacles of travel
? Bring What You Need Weighing in at under 9.75 lbs, you can maximize the amount of gear you can bring while staying under carry- on weight restrictions.


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