PhotoStream RL 150

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PhotoStream RL 150

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PhotoStreamRL 150
Designed for enthusiast to pro photographers, the PhotoStreamRL 150 is a lightweight and streamlined airline carry-on roller with an armored exterior and flexible interior to protect and organize photo and video gear.
?Airline Carry-On Friendly Streamlined design delivers 7.3? depth giving you peace of mind regardless of your aircraft.
?Stay Connected Easily Molded EVA front panel hinges at the top allowing access to your laptop without opening the entire bag
?Roll With Ease Vibration-absorbing, urethane-case wheels with ABEC-5 rated bearings provide a smooth glide and long-lasting durability
?Bring What You Need Weighing it at only 8lbs, you can maximize the amount of gear you can bring without reaching carry-on weight restrictions.
Travel Enabled.