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MacPherson Studio rents out continous LED light to help you shoot your subjects, products and people easily.

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Need to shoot in continous light at the studio? NO DLSR? No problem. Now MacPherson Studio rents out continous LED light to help you shoot your subjects, products and people easily.

The Dorr DLP-600 LED Continuous Lighting Kit includes two light panels each with 588 LED’s which produce a strong illumination of more than 5.000 lux/m each. The light intensity can be dimmed at the back of the panels.The incorporated barn doors narrow the light output. This kit also includes diffusors which create a soft illumination, while the orange filter reduces the colour temperature.


Studio Upgrading Works – Cooling Day

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Last Thursday night, we began to start a minor renovation to convert the corner of the studio to a small storeroom. It seems simple enough until we started to clear the corner of the things we have tucked into that corner.


We then realised that we actually tucked a lot of things in that corner. Here are all those things being moved to the centre space!

IMG_7261 (1)Main works began on Friday. We decided to build a new storeroom to house the additional aircon compressor and housekeeping things in the store.


Finally we added 2 more air con units to the existing 2 units. So now our aircon is almost 50000 BTU in total. We are now can be as cold as Cold Storage!


On Sunday while most are celebrating May Day, we came to paint the walls ourselves (cost cutting measures haha)… and sweep and mop a few times over to clean the dust..


So here is the new door to the storeroom!

So now we have a neater studio, with all things properly tucked in and its a really cooling place. It is surprisingly looks more spacious too! We are glad that we have solved a few issues with the installation of additional aircon and a new storeroom.


Here is a pano of the studio. Come and visit us soon!


Quad powered aircon!


And a selfie!

Photographing ordinary people versus models

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Was discussing with a fellow photographer friend and he said that its much tougher to shoot ordinary people than to shoot models. I agree. Shooting ordinary people is much tougher as they need to be assisted in posing and feel relaxed in front of the camera. This takes more time and, the experience harvested from the photographer, helps.
I recently shot a online catalog for a fashion house. In a commercial shoot, time is very limited and costly. Having a good model, on the other hand, saves a lot of time as they know the poses and moves. I don’t have to direct much as long as the lighting and creative brief is clear. We worked fast as there are at least 30 outfits to be worn and photographed.

I recorded a shot video on this  in my previous post here.

So if you meet a photographer that doesn’t shoot models or fashion, do appreciate his value in shooting people that aren’t models. Its tougher actually.

Online Shop Photoshoot at MacPherson Studio

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One of the regular work that we do in the studio is catalog shoot for online shops. From small items such as gifts to large ones like Harley Davison motorbikes and king-sized beds, we have done it. We recently posted a youtube video from one of our photoshoot session. The video is shot using an Iphone and editing on Imovie, so pardon the quality ya.

Repainting the floor

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MacPherson studio regularly paint out studio to ensure it is in tip top condition for your shooting. Today we are putting a new coat of paint on the floor again. It is hard work but we know its worth the effort when we see the satisfaction in the photographers that use the studio.

We usually take half a day to finish a coat of paint and a full day to dry and clear the paint smell. I guess by the time we eventually leave this place, we would have paint a think layer of paint over time.



Fresh paint for studio

Fresh paint for studio

Studio Shoot Of The Art Of Mezame for Pre Wedding Photoshoot Diablo 3

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Last weekend, the team from the Art Of Mezame was in the studio for a pre-wedding theme shoot. This time, the theme is from the very popular computer game DIABLO 3.  It was a great studio session and we witnessed how Mezame organised his photoshoot with a complete shoot list and mood board.

Here is  the behind the scenes video from the photoshoot and the final artwork done by Mezame.